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HIPAA Security for Employers and Group Health Plans

This kit includes everything you’ll need as an HR manager, office manager, benefits manager, or IT professional to implement HIPAA Security compliance for your group health plans regardless of whether they are self insured and self administered or utilize the services of a third party administrator or are fully insured through a health insurance issuer or HMO. Our kit contains an interactive risk analysis module that develops a risk mitigation plan based on the answers you and your staff provide. The toolkit also has all of the steps, tools, policies and procedures, contracts/forms, training, etc., that you’ll need, all on-line and available to you and your team 24 hours a day seven days a week. And it’s all in our unique approach that puts HIPAA in plain language that you can apply and implement in the real world.

Each kit contains:
•• An interactive risk analysis tool that prompts you and our staff to establish a baseline of where you are in regards to security compliance and then develop a customized risk mitigation plan that provides a step-by-step to do list that walks you through the entire HIPAA security compliance process
•• Self-paced, narrated multimedia training for your entire staff
•• All of the essential contracts/forms required for HIPAA security compliance
•• A template for a policies and procedures manual to handle HIPAA security compliance
•• A section that provides you and our team with updates as they occur in HIPAA Security Rule regulations
•• Reference material such as the HIPAA regulations, glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, etc.

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Single User: 52 week license
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