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HIPAA Privacy and Security for Business Associates
Introduces you to HIPAA privacy requirements and explains their impact on the health care industry, business associates and its consumers. Through the use of relevant examples and thought-provoking questions, this course encourages learners to assess how the requirements will impact their organizations and how best to implement the requirements, as well as how the requirements will impact interactions between health care Professionals, their vendors that use, create and maintain confidential health information.
This course can be purchased as a Single Student License or as part of a Library Subscription License.
Please reference the Courseware Pricing attachment below for details.
Price: $75.00
Format: WBT
Topic: HIPAA Privacy and Security Training For Business Associates
Part Number: HIPAA05
Online Access (Days): 30
Estimated Time Required to Complete Course: 2.5 hours to complete over 30 day license period
Course Access Time Period: Single Student: 30 day license
Status: January 5, 2004

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