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Instructor Led On-Line Compliance Program for Employers and Group Health Plans
This seven week seminar is designed to provide human resource professionals, payroll professionals, accountants, business owners and managers, and legal counsel with a comprehensive overview of the issues relating to HIPAA and its impact on employee benefits administration. Experts will highlight practical solutions for employers in the storage, handling and exchanges of confidential health information. An overview of the Security and Transaction Standards will also be presented. Each week you will spend an hour focusing on a different aspect of the HIPAA Privacy rule. You will be given all of the forms, policies & procedures and contracts necessary for HIPAA compliance. You will also have access to the instructor throughout the week to answer any HIPAA questions that you may have including questions about the forms, policies & procedures and contracts. After the seminar you will receive a monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest HIPAA developments. You will also have access to the instructors until December 31, 2004.

Week I

HIPAA Overview
  A. HIPAA Overview
  B. Final Privacy Rule
  C. Security Regulations
  D. Transaction And Code Sets
  E. Covered Entities
  F. Group Health Plans
  G. Business Associates

Week II
Administration Of Group
Health Plans Under HIPAA

  A. Determining Your Compliance Burden
  B. Amendment Of Plan Documents
  C. Plan Sponsor Certification
  D. A Model Plan For Compliance
  E. Enforcement And Penalties

Week III
Use And Disclosure Of Protected
Health Information

  A. What HIPAA Says About Use And Disclosure
  B. Prevention Of Disclosure
  C. Acceptable Disclosures

Week IV.
Personal Rights Under HIPAA

  A. Notice Of Privacy Rights
  B. Individualís Access, Amendment, And   
      Accounting Of PHI
  C. Right Of Individual To Request A Restriction On
      Use Or Disclosure

Week V
Preparing Your Workforce
  A. Privacy Officer Duties And Responsibilities
  B. Policies And Procedures
  C. HIPAA Training For Health Plan Employees
  D. HIPAA Training For Line Managers

Week VI
Business Associate Issues And Contracts

  A. How To Identify Business Associates
  B. Model Provisions For Business Associate   
  C. Provisions Which Should Be Included In
      Business Associate Contracts

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